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07. 02. 2017 | Blog

If you do not want to waste your time recruiting new staff.
If you do want to focus solely on the performance of your employees and leave all the administrative work on a reliable partner.
If you want an individual approach, an experienced recruitment agency with a high quality background and history.
Let us work for you!


  • The client (customer) informs our personnel agency of their current needs and we develop tailor-made solutions
  • The agency's staff is temporarily assigned to work with the client under the Agency's Temporary Allocation Agreement with the client
  • The Agency and the client together provide employees with comparable remuneration and working conditions as to their own employees
  • The client manages, organizes and controls the work of temporarily assigned staff, the agency handles all administrative, personnel and payroll related employment (the employer is the agency) and provides support to employees.

What makes this service attractive for you:

  • Get rid of the challenges of selecting, locating, and hiring employees. But the biggest plus is the big time savings, no formalities, no organizational issues, no negotiations with the authorities, lower payroll costs, and transfer these costs to the service area. You pay to the Agency a percentage that is minimal in relation to wage costs, which is minimal in terms of service provided. Its amount depends on the difficulty of processing and the number of assigned employees.

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